Who is Whooten Anit?

San Francisco, September 2001. The last bit of air in what we now call the dot.com bubble fizzled out not with a bang, but a crash. Four crashes, to be exact. But this isn’t a story about that, not until the end, anyway, and even then it’s…I digress.

What follows, or can be in found in these pages is a story about that last weekend, before it all happened. What we don’t really talk about anymore. Sure, we were spiral into the abyss well enough on our own. If you don’t remember, you’ll see. But it was still pretty fun. A fading end to the halcyon days.

Sinbin, on the right side of 30, but on the wrong side of the milennium didn’t know it was going to happen. He had bigger things to worry about having just been downsized. With a decent severace in hand, he embarks upon a mind-bending odyssey among the cool kids and bad-ass DJs, hitting cool parties and meeting cool people, wondering from bar to club to beach to the air, pondering his future and a burgeoning relationship. Until those plans are interrupted by a generation-defining event.

Cool is a nod to those who burned through the ’90s and tried to keep it going a little longer, even though the ground had already fallen away, and an ode to the innocence we lost. Of course, it’s told through the deeds of a bunch of twenty-something urban warriors who are mostly white and more than half male, and generally from an educated upper middle class background, so there’s that. And, yes, it’s set in San Fran so most everyone is a lefty-liberal and some are even homosexuals.

If you’re still here, I hope you check it out. Something like 75% of the book is up here, although many chapters are earlier drafts. You can get a Kindle version for like $3.

Whooten Anit was born in New York State during the 1970s. He has lived in New York, San Francisco and Montauk. Cool is his first novel.


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